Tenorshare Data Recovery Pro

Tenorshare Data Recovery Pro Version 3.7 Free trial

Safely and thoroughly restore deleted, formatted or otherwise damaged files

Modern users pretty much manage their entire lives through their PCs. They keep family photos, business documents, personal information, bank statements, games and pastime activities, even recipes and so much more on their virtual life companion.
Imagine the terror you'd feel when waking up one morning to discover that a vicious virus had turned your PC into barren wastelands. Imagine the helplessness you'd feel when the things you cherish most will perish at the hands of some other malicious malware. All of your precious photos, documents and information is now lost!
If indeed all defenses you've set up had failed to protect your computer and some unfriendly code had managed to infiltrate into your computer and render all data kept on it inaccessible, a recovery software program is what you'll need.
One such programs is Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional. Being a potent data recovery program it can save your skin when all else had failed you. Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional supports recovering data using Windows file system (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS), using Mac file system (HFS, HFS+) and even using Linux file system (EXT2, EXT3).
With this compact software program's aid you can retrieve lost data due to virus attacks, corrupted partitions, drive crashes, system sabotage, etc., and start breathing again.
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